Instrument Rentals

Dori’s Music Studio is a rental location for Music and Arts Center, a long established, nation wide supplier of musical instruments. We have a dedicated Music and Arts Center representative, which insures the best possible service for our customers.

RentNowWe offer the option to do your rental contract on-line. You can start the on-line rental process here and pick up the instrument from our studio in Spencerport. Dori’s also carries instrument supplies, reeds, lesson books, name tags for cases, and stands. We recommend purchasing these items from the studio as Music and Arts has to ship them to us and this can take longer than the instruments take to arrive. The studio accepts cash or check for purchases made in the store.


The Customer has two different options when thinking about band and string instruments (more details are below).

  1. Rent Month to Month
  2. Purchase The Instrument at a 30% discount

Month to Month

Closed Hole Flute, Plastic Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Violin, Viola                                                           

Monthly Rental Payment $29.16              

**Monthly Rental Fee is $20, LDW is $7 and tax is $2.16

Open Hole Flute, Wood Clarinet                                                          

Monthly Rental Payment is $39.96      

**Monthly Rental Fee is $30, LDW is $7 and tax is $2.96

Alto Saxophone, Oboe, Trigger Trombone and Cello
Monthly Rental Payment is $52.92                                                                

**Monthly Rental Fee is $40 and LDW is $9 and tax is $3.92

Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, French Horn, Baritone
Monthly Rental Payment is $77.76

Monthly Rental Fee is $60 and LDW is $12 and tax is $5.76

Purchase The Instrument during the first 18 months of renting it at a 30% discount.  After 18 months, purchase the instrument at a 10% discount.

Please call to see what we have in stock and make an appointment to purchase your instrument During rental season (start of the school year), the stock changes daily and we may have a cheaper instrument than what is listed below. Prices are subject to change without notification from Music and Arts Center.

Instrument Retail Price Price with 30% Discount

Flutes $590-$1200 $413-$840
Clarinets $580-$1800 $406-$1260
Alto Saxophones $1200-$1970 $840-$1379
Trumpets $650-$1030 $455-$721
Trombones $690-$1800 $483-$1260
Bell Kits $220-$530 $154-$371
Guitar $220 $154
Violins $590-$1800 $413-$1260
Violas $800-$2100 $560-$1470

What is LDW?

LDW is short for Loss Damage Waiver and is offered on all band and string instruments. LDW cancels any further responsibility to the instrument if it is lost or stolen due to burglary or fire. It also covers all repairs to the instrument except for consumable items on the instrument.